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Gravel Bikes

Discover All-Terrain Adventure With Gravel Bikes

The popularity of gravel bikes has surged in recent years, offering a versatile and comfortable option for adventurous cyclists. Evolving from a blend of road, cyclocross, and mountain bike elements since the early 2000s, these bikes have captured the attention of cyclists seeking exploration across varied terrains.

You can check out J&J Cycle’s selection of gravel bikes here, and continue reading to help you determine if a gravel bicycle is right for you!

What is a gravel bicycle?
Picture a hybrid between a road, cyclocross, and mountain bicycle, and you have yourself a gravel bike!

Featuring a drop handlebar and sporty geometry similar to a road bike, but with wider tires, lower gearing, and multiple mounting points for bags, racks, or fender. Their tire width falls between that of a road bike and mountain bike, ensuring efficiency on roads while still suitable for gravel trails.

Many gravel bikes also have some sort of suspension, to help with absorption on rocky terrain, as well as a clutch, to provide tension to your chain to decrease chain slap when riding on uneven ground.

The longer frame of a gravel bike promotes a relaxed riding position, ideal for extended comfort during rides.

Why should I get a gravel bicycle?
The main draw of a gravel bike is its versatility. A gravel bike can excel on tarmac, gravel, and off-road trails.  Built to withstand diverse terrain and challenging conditions, gravel bikes are built with robust frames and components, which makes them reliable even on long off-road excursions. Gravel bikes are suitable for all-weather riding thanks to features like disc brakes that provide reliable stopping power in adverse conditions like rain and mud.

A gravel bicycle is also one of the most accessible bikes for beginners. It allows you to stay away from busy roads and traffic and ride in a more comfortable position, but without needing the technical experience required for mountain biking. The wider grip and thick tires instill stability, providing confidence and comfort for new cyclists.

Where in Kingston can I ride my gravel bicycle?
Kingston & Pembroke Railway Trail (K&P Trail)  in Kingston is perfect for gravel bikes. Cyclists riding along the 180 km trail will find themselves over paved terrain, gravel and rougher terrain, providing a diverse ride for cyclists exploring the region.